When you set out to run your own business you have grand plans of everything going just as you see it. However, I can categorically say that anyone in business will 100% confirm that is so far from the reality it's almost comical.


I know, right?


Since December 2017 Kathy and I have been working very hard levelling Wax It Studio up, creating Wax It Lounge and stabilising the business after moving to new premises, FIVE times the size in which it once resided. 

At times it felt that some asks of us were too big and we couldn’t do them. At times we were tired, cranky, disheartened and even felt disillusioned entirely, we even wondered at times had we done the right thing..….hands up who can relate?



In amongst all that, our days been filled with all the magical stuff that makes it all worth while and feeds our soul..... THIS WEEK is a classic example of not only that stuff but the extra stuff that really makes our hearts soar.

THIS WEEK we have had one of Wax It's most successful weeks since opening our doors in 2012 and THIS WEEK we attended the Network Ireland Awards as Finalists in the categories for 'Best SME' and 'Best Use of Digital'. We were so proud to be there with other amazing entrepreneurs who are as passionate about their business as we are of ours. We got to sit with some brilliant people and enjoy the night and we were absolutely delighted to walk away with a Highly Commended Award for Best Use of Digital in our business.

Thursday 24th May 2018 - Brook Lodge

Thursday 24th May 2018 - Brook Lodge

One of the questions that were asked of the winners of the night was;

“After all your time in business, if there is one piece of advice you could give to other business owners what would it be?”

Here are some of the 'nuggets' shared by excellent business people that I'd like to share with you:

·      Take help when it’s offered

·      Surround yourself with mentors and people you can learn from

·      Surround yourself with people who support you

·      Celebrate the little wins along the way

·      Keep working hard


My advice to anyone in business is

Don’t look at what others are doing. Stay true to you and try your best to believe in yourself.
Concentrate on bringing who you are, out in the business.
No one else can do you – you are your own super power
— Lisa Jennifer Collins