Meditation Mindfulness

“ The thing about meditation is that you become more and more you each time it’s practiced…”



The more we talk to people about it, the more it seems that there are unlimited benefits to meditation when it comes to our physical and mental health. The list seems endless…


Studies show that meditation can decrease stress, increase focus, and even provide relief for suffers of chronic pain and illness.

With our very busy lives and constant use of technology it is no wonder that meditation is becoming more and more popular. It is so important to take the time to just sit with your own thoughts away from these distractions.


 Here are a few interesting facts about meditation…


·      Improves our concentration levels


Meditation is basically the practice of focusing on concentration. When we are stressed, anxious or even just have a lot of thoughts going through our heads focusing on our breathing helps our mind from straying and through regular meditation, we can get used to shifting our attention back to the task at hand.


·      Boosts your immune system

Stress and anxiety wreak havoc with our immune system, leaving us open to all kinds of nasties—particularly during the winter. Developing a regular meditation practice reduces the amount of stress-related chemicals in our body, and also leaves us less likely to turn to unhealthy coping strategies to deal with the stress.



·      It improves our self – acceptance


When meditating we become more and more aware and capable of controlling how we think. A key part of meditation revolves around noticing our thoughts without judging them or getting caught up in their meanings. This helps us to practice noticing our thoughts and feelings without attaching meaning or judgement to them.


So I think it’s safe to say that meditation is certainly a positive action and has multiple benefits for us all.


With that in mind we have decided to begin a meditation evening in our cosy Wax It Lounge every Thursday evening at 8pm guided by the lovely Lisa Tully. Places are limited so please contact us in advance by phone or email and enjoy the positive and peaceful vibes with us…


BYOC (Bring Your Own Cushion!) 



Hope to see you soon. We look forward to all embracing the zen together.



For further info contact us anytime – or call us on 0872929398


Kathy & Lisa x